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Who we are?


Childhood fantasy of many women about wonderful caring husband from another land has grown up along with the. Until nowadays the lack of time, language barrier,unpleasant experience, unconfidence have brought to the dream being remained only as a dream.

We have grown up on the common aim to see more happy faces, love and care in this world which can break any barriers, no matter if it a language, distance or time!

Have you already done the first step to the new Life? You want to find a decent life partner?

The international dating agency Explosion life will gladly help you.

Aim of our work

Sometimes our life is lacking brightness, light and set of emotions. But to live life in grey and one-type way and probably in loneliness is not what people wish, is it? Our moto is LIVE YOUR LIFE WITH NO LIMITS says not only about the limits we have to ommit in our lives, but also about the importance of bringing more colours to our lives, more impressions and not to limit yourself on our way to something new, new heights, wishes and aims.

We help you to build not only strong relationship but also to open yourself, to feel yourself really happy and alive – to be open to life in explosion of colours, emotions and happiness.

Our main qualities


Effective solutions

Of course, our ideas are fresh and modern. Principles and new solutions proven by years of experience will help find a way out in any situation. We try to combine the incompatible, if it gives a positive result and justifies the effort expended.

Good specialists

Our specialists have the special knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their goals. They will do everything in your interests, and your wishes for them will always remain in the first place. Our consultants will spend on working with you as much time as will be necessary, and this will not affect the quality of its implementation. Our principle of work: professionalism combined with human qualities and an individual approach to each client. Therefore, no matter what question you turn to us in the process of developing relations, we will always try to give an exhaustive qualified answer and the necessary sincere support…


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