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Dating Club explosion life Reviews


Hello, I would like to introduce myself and the situation in which my partner and I are just in keeping ourselves.


My name is Axel I’m 51 years and live in Germany, my partner is 40 years and lives in Ukraine.

We met us on another dating site, writing us only letters, exchanged photos and chatted later.

At some point we did care anymore, we wanted more of the other, no longer respond to a letter with another letter, no longer at the chat each word and response to the answer, but direct communication together.

My partner has contacted the agency Explosion Life in Kyiv and to make the opportunity to make call with each other.


Our first call was WOW!


We both were nervous and had so much commitments.

At the end of the conversation none of us wanted to hang up, to enjoy every second and hear the partner’s voice!

For the first time the partner’s voice hears, almost like to kiss the partner for the first time!!


Why use phone service of the agency Explosion Life?

There a several reasons.

– You get an emotional, direct and spontaneous communication with the partner.

– Your partner gets “security” by the translation service of the agency.

Your partner understand you, she write directly online the service and gets in Russian or Ukrainian translates the word or sentence which she did not understand on the screen.


Why did I do this review?

For two reasons, to introduce the agency’s service and to describe the beginnings of a happy couple, maybe one day!

Tania and Gary

I started working in the dating club Explosion as an interpreter. And in 8 months I found HIM! He came here and happiness appeared in my life! I didn’t use to believe in what I heard about other women’s stories. But this joy happened to us!

Halina and William

My friend invited me to this agency. She had been already registered here. I used to be at all dates and then understood how important it was. When my future husband came, I could keep the conversation very well and not to be shy while getting know each other. Our year of dating with William finished with  so beautiful wedding! Although I was very skeptical to online-dating, now I realize  it really works! My dream cam true!

Liudmila and Damir

Starting my way in Marriage Agency, I spend not so much time on what they advised me to do. Yet I started making new photos, coming for chats etc, as I was really interested in meeting men from different countries. And you know, going for the date with a man whose picture was not very appealing to me, I could not even imagine he would be my love! We are so happy!

Natalia and Jean

I had been looking for my man for 5 long years. I had a lot of frustrations, but never gave up. And of course, Agency workers always cheered me up. New photoshoots, chats, dates…as I said, I did not give up. And he appeared in my life! We are very happy with Jean! I have always waited for this.

Irina and James

I came to the dating club Explosion to work as an interpreter and took my mom here to find her happiness. In two years of working, me and soon my mother met our men, who enriched us with happiness, smiles and joy!!! We are so grateful to the team of agency for their work and for our happiness. 

Liudmila and Kip

When I applied for a job at dating site Explosion Life, I couldn’t even imagine how dramatically my life would change! Here I met Kip and we fell in love! At the first date we understood that we were meant to be together. We are thankful to the team for their help.

Ralph Halquist

I enjoyed time with Tatiana and her sons! And the weather was fantastic… city is so beautiful in this season!

Thank you for all you did and all your staff! Sasha was a wonderful helper for us!

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