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Translator's work




Company's Principles and positions

Dating agency Explosion Life is a team of strong patential perspective aimed and faithful people!

We are connected with love to what we are doing , to our collagues and clients, and with love to life in general! We work for the result, success and constant development of each of us!

Come to us and along with us change your life to the better!

Translator's work in Kyiv

International dating agency Explosion Life is searching for translators with the knowledge of English for contant employment. Work in office (after training period you have opportunity to work distantly). The experience of work is not important.

We are searching for people  who want to earn  and to do it in a legal way, but at the same time people who understand that success is not just having money.

We teach during the whole working process.


  • From 12 till 20
  • 5 days per week
  • possibility of flexible schedule


  • decent and correct correspondence on behalf of our clients (we work only with top profiles)
  • organization of meetings, interpreting.


  •  English knowledge – intermediate and higher level
  • confident PC user,
  • internet availability
  • real desire to work
  • experience in marriage agencies is welcoming.

Working conditions:

  • high and timely wages
  • comfortable office and friendly atmosphere in the center of Kiev (Metro Polytechnic Institute)
  • official employment after the first month of work
  • work only on top profiles
  • well-thought-out technical conditions of work in the industry
  • opportunity to develop (opening branches, etc.)

A lot of people want to change their lives. The desire for change is burning almost every person who, even a little bit, wants to live a full life. This is the desire of a person who wants to get the most out of what he is doing. A person who is sure that he deserves the best. But absolutely not everyone knows how to change their lives.


Our company Exposion Life was created and developed, namely, by people who strive for the best for themselves and others.


Thanks to the invaluable contribution of each employee and many years of experience, the dating agency Explosion Life has become one of the leaders in the field of human relationships. People who have a good plan for their lives, but, unfortunately, do not have the necessary knowledge or resources, have been coming and still come to us. If you are familiar with this situation, here you will find the most comfortable climate for implementing your own, even seemingly unrealistic ideas. We are not limited to the only work task – to go to the specified plan (this goes without saying), we do not just give a job for translators in Kiev, we are looking for strong people who are capable of more than just “working on the remote”.

Explosion Life dating agency unites its employees in completely different fields, ranging from friendly gatherings and joint recreation, participation in various annual competitions and ending with constant participation in charity and active work in the office.


Each of us, pursuing own goals, makes an invaluable contribution to the company, which later returns at least in double size. If you have an overwhelming desire to change this world for the better, but you do not know where to start – Welcome to the international dating agency Explosion Life – a company that will tell you where you can start working on yourself, direct you on the right path and support in all endeavors. With us you will better understand the essence of human relationships, and you will be able to alternate remote work at home with work in a team, because each of our employees strives to share invaluable personal experience and pure emotions that charge the world with kindness.

You can learn a lot about the company's life and team activity on social networks!

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